Togo-Worries mount over parliamentary election delays

In Togo, there is growing concern as the terms of parliament members are nearing their end in just three months. However, there’s still no official schedule set for the legislative and regional elections, which were originally planned for the year’s end. This absence of clarity has raised worries among the opposition, prompting them to call for discussions to ensure a “smooth transition of power” in the country.

The Dynamique pour la Majorité du Peuple (DMP), a coalition of opposition political parties in Togo, has accused the government of deliberately delaying the organization of the parliamentary elections scheduled for this year. As the current National Assembly’s mandate nears its end, there is still no official date or timetable announced. This uncertainty has raised fears within the opposition that the National Assembly’s mandate might be extended.

During a press conference held on Wednesday by the opposition, Brigitte Adjamagbo-Johnson, the coordinator of the DMP grouping, emphasized that these elections must be organized no later than the end of November.

The coalition of opposition parties had previously expressed dissatisfaction with an incomplete voter registration conducted in June. Notably, a significant number of eligible Togolese citizens have reported not receiving their voter cards following the electoral censuses, which were marred by material shortages and machine malfunctions, particularly in the southern regions of the country.

As of now, the Electoral Commission has not responded to the latest demand from the opposition coalition.

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