A new Press Code comes into force in Togo

In Togo, the High Authority for Audiovisual and Communication (HAAC) has announced that the changes induced by the “Press and Communication Code”, dated January 07, 2020, come into force from January 7, 2023.

“As of January 07, 2023, law number 2020-001 of January 07, 2020 relating to the “Press and Communication Code in the Togolese Republic” comes into force in all its provisions, at the end of the moratorium period of 3 years” recalled W. Pitalounani Telou, president of the HAAC in a press release.

Media professionals and promoters of press companies are invited to strictly and rigorously observe these provisions of this new Code in their daily professional practice.

“Article 179 of the Press and Communication Code of January 7, 2020, which defines the contours of the 3-year moratorium ends on the evening of January 6, 2023,” the statement said.

The new provisions of the “Press and Communication Code” of January 7, 2020 rigorously define the conditions for exercising the profession of journalist in Togo and make a clear distinction between journalists and other media professionals (presenters and technicians).

The same provisions have also reframed the conditions for issuing the press card, and make it an implicit obligation for all the information organs existing in Togo to necessarily transform themselves into “genuine companies or press companies”.

A sine qua non condition to benefit from now on from state aid to the press or from the National Press Support Fund which will soon be operational.

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